"It's funty."
Billy William

—Billy William remarking that he finds flies on the cow hearts funty.

Billy William is a dirty butcher who is friends with Mr Gum. He works and lives at Billy William the Thirds Right Royal Meats.

Billy meets gumEdit

as a young boy he lived in the corner of his dad's spit shop  his dad however never knew  that he existed,mr gum the got given billy for free and mr gum found out that he could cook and was not so useless

The The ThirdEdit

Nobody know what the The Third means. Jonathan Ripples thinks it is because when he was younger he was in prison, and his number was three. Peter thinks he's the third nastiest man in town. Martin Launderette think the same as Jonathan, the second time he's copied his idea, one time before getting squashed Billy says that he's third in line for the throne of Engarland, but nobody believes him.

Butcher's DartsEdit

Butcher's Darts is a game that was invented by Billy William when he was drunk. It is the same as normal darts but the darts are old sheep's bones and the dartboard is a pig's head.

Strange WordsEdit

Funny = Funty

Hospital = Hoppital

England = Engarland

Fountain = nobody knowns. it is a mittersy

Screwdriver=Mathew Robbinson


Minotaur=Rhino War