Polly is a 9 year old ( in the first book ) that is one of the main heroes

of the Mr. Gum series. In a Q/A with Andy Stanton it was revealed that when

she grows up she wants to be a Sailor/Pirate ( but a hero pirate ) .

Polly mr gum

Polly Grespin Hero


Current age : 13

                                                                                                                                 Job : Sailor/Pirate/Hero

Trvia :

  • Polly knows how to captain a boat with a crew of SIX people according to Stanton.
  • In book 1, 2 and 3 she is 9. In 4 and 5 she is 10. In 6 she is 11 and in 7 and 8 she is 13.
  • Polly once was a part of a Cowboy Musical Play, but on accident she turned on coming in as a Pirate.
  • Polly's full name is way too big to write and say, so all of her friends call her Polly instead.